*Bring together San Joaquin Valley music educators and music lovers.


*Encourage a creative holistic music arts education based on human development.


*Sponsor highest level skilled inclusive workshops - for teachers and community.

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Central California Music Fusion is a chapter of the American Orff Schulwerk Association, with a focus on holistic music education in affiliation with The Alliance for Active Music Making, Kodaly, Dalcrose, Gordon, and other music methods and philosophies. 


by Helga Medd

In 1920's composer Carl Orff and dancer Gunild Keetman collaborated a philosophy of schulwerk (schoolwork) through which the learner enters the world of music as 

an explorer with the excitement of new discoveries always present. The central core is improvisation and creativity, but always stimulated and guided by the educator with FORM and techniques that are constantly developing. In early 1960's Doreen Hall & Keith Bissell, were the first were first Orff Educators in Canada.


Carl Orff asked Doreen Hall, Principle Violinist with Toronto Symphony to translate the Schulwerk into English for North America. Orff visited the University of Toronto for the first Orff conference on North American soil.

The American Orff Schulwerk Association was founded on May 11, 1968 in 

Muncie, Indiana 1968 with Arnold Burkart as the first president. It has

publications called ECHO. Carl Orff Canada was founded in 1974 by

Professor Doreen Hall, University of Toronto and has publications called



The Schulwerk is global because it is based on folk music easily integrated into all cultures. The Orff Institute is in Salzburg, Austria. Margaret Murray, England, received a Queens Medal in 2015 for Orff work. Richard Gill took Orff to Australia. Arnold Burkart, taught in Madera in late 1960's, became the first President of the AOSA. Jane Frazee structured the Schulwerk for USA schools. Composer Jos Wuytack was asked by Orff to take the Schulwerk around the world. 


Central California Music Fusion is nurtured by Doug Goodkin, global educator with San Francisco School and San Francisco International Orff Course. 

CCMF is very grateful to Doug Goodkin


Helga Medd


Catherine Cooper


Joy Cunningham

Vice President

Kathy Penner


Jennifer Determan-Lewis


Members at large

Yaochi Abarca, Dr. Tony Mowrer, Mary Reyes, Melissa Vallejos, Grace Wamhoff, Dr. Marcheta Williams

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